Jan 27, 2011

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Episode 12 + Preview Video

Gosh, everyone looks so down. But I'm too happy for words! Divorce is ahead for this couple, like, FINALLY. I thought this day would never come >_>
Wei En knows Rui Fan has already made up his mind, she leaves him a letter and quietly left the hotel. When Rui Fan woke up to find that she's gone, he gets extremely upset. 

Rui Xuan calls the company to investigate on Rui Fan's "business trip", she suspects that Kang De and Rui Fan's business trip is merely a guise for him to go out with Wei En. Rui Xuan rushes to Wei En's home, and what greeted her there was the sight of Kang De hugging Wei En! She loses her cool and demanded a divorce; Rui Fan decides to tell the truth...
Meanwhile, An Zhen gets ready to clean Rui Fan's clothes from his business trip. Unexpectedly, she finds a letter in his pocket...

Preview Video:

Via SETTV's The Fierce Wife's Official Website