Jan 14, 2011

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Episode 10 + Preview Vids

Wow, the comments in the forums about this particular episode are FILLED with very angry emoticons. That should tell you something. 

~Tip Ten: The One Not Loved Is The Real 3rd Party~

Rui Fan made up his mind to return to his family, back to normal; and he will An Zhen better than ever before! He was buying flowers when he received a call from Wei En, and he promptly forgets about An Zhen.

At home, An Zhen has cook an array of dishes awaiting Rui Fan's return, but to no avail...
With to Rui Xuan's encouragement, An Zhen decides to go for and interview at Rui Xuan's work place. At first she did not have the confidence to do well and started to back out, little did she know her results were stellar. 

Rui Fan and Wei En receives an invitation to Ah Tang's birthday party. At the party, Khai En keeps giving Wei En wine to drink. Rui Fan drinks it in her place, and he ends up drunk himself. 

The drunk Rui Fan is in extreme sorrow. Wei En couldn't bear to see him like that, and brings him back to her place. He pours out his heart to her, and Wei En feels his pain. She then suggests...that he divorce An Zhen. 
Kang De assists Rui Fan to his own home. Back home, An Zhen discovers Oliver's fur on his jacket! Her sixth sense tells her there's something going on, and she seeks Wei En out for a meeting...

Episode 10's Preview Videos: 

Via SETTV's TFW Official Website