Jan 11, 2011

Secret Garden: An Interview With The Real Stuntwoman

In SBS's 8 o'clock news on the 9th of January, Ha Ji Won's stuntwoman, Yoo Mi-jin said, "Although stuntwomen are just people working behind the scenes and our name won't be remembered, I still think the work is worth it."
In the show, the 22-year-old stuntwoman with 1 year experience replaces Ha Ji Won and runs, perform somersaults, drives at 150 km/h, and does complex high-wire stunts. She expresses her excitement every time she gets a new project, "Makes me feel today is bliss." and goes on to explain, "Although no one will remember me, but working in this job, I feel my value."

The stunts in the first episode of Secret Garden took 4 days and a total of 30 hours, but the scene only occupied one minute and 30 seconds of the show's broadcast. In this regard, she says, "Even though I don't get much airtime, but every time the scene is perfectly synchronized with that of the leads', I feel proud."

Yoo Mi-jin said that although she isn't like Ha Ji Won in the show; having a rich and handsome boyfriend, the beauty of this occupation is getting to touch the audiences' heart. Her dream is to become a world-class stuntwoman and perform in Hollywood.

Via Nikkan Sports, Baidu's Secret Garden (Chi trans)