Jan 22, 2011

Late Autumn Trailer Unveiled

At first, from the highly stylized posters I thought it would be more of a jun ai movie, with beautiful scenery and subtle romance. But nooooo this looks so romantic!!! Best yet, because it's in English, we don't need NO subtitles (much), bwahahah! 
Nevertheless I think I'll give it some time before I watch this, I don't want to be making comparisons; the Tracksuit Pose doesn't help matters -_-" And, am I sensing a chadonam attitude? 

Before you know it I'll be fantasizing Tang Wei as a long haired Ha Ji Won. Or something. Late Autumn will be in cinemas February 17th.

Hyun Bin's character, Hoon's teaser:

Tang Wei's character, Anna's teaser: 

The trailer (don't you just love the BG music?):
Love is in the air! <3