Jan 21, 2011

Hyun Bin Goes On A Talk Show

After Secret Garden ended, for the first time Binnie goes on tvN's variety show, Taxi. Taxi is sort of like a talk show, and by sort of I mean they do chat like in a talk show, but instead of the studio it's done LIVE in a taxi where the host drives and the guests are passengers. Hmm...didn't they say that while driving we should focus on nothing but that? How is anyone suppose to to do that while Binnie is right beside them? 

Taxi is hosted by Gong Hyung Jin (Dalja's Spring, Runaway) and Lee Young Ja (the one wearing The Bling Bling - and it's not the dog). Binnie has been buddies with Gong Hyung Jin since their baseball playing days, and his appearance on this show is a testament to that. 

When the photos from the program has come to light recently, Hyun Bin was teased: "Kim Joo Won's face is only half of Lee Young Ja's." Heh, whose isn't. Lately, I would say his face is comparable to Kim Jae Wook's.

Via Baidu's Secret Garden