Jan 31, 2011

Ha Ji Won Gives An Answer To Taecyeon

Awww this noona-love relationship is so sweet. Yeah I'm totally imagining something more than what seems like a simple admiration. But if Demi Moore can work it, I don't see why this is impossible, ha!
Below is an relevant excerpt from a Newsen interview, and thanks to kingsun0009 I don't even have to translate the sentence (love!):

Q: Say something to your a big fan of yours, Taecyeon?
A: Thank you so much. I've been watching Dream High and supporting you. I'm worried that you'll change your favourite actress. However, I hope you won't change your heart, haha.
Oh that means Ha Ji Won must be on the MiGook ship. Sad...it's lonely here being on the SamMi boat T_T