Jan 22, 2011

Ha Ji Won Arrives At Beijing

She has no make-up, I think. But that doesn't stops her from looking drop dead gorgeous. *Faints* Watching these "real-life" videos are only intensifying my girl-crush on HJW. 
Like I've said in my previous post, she'll be in Beijing to attend Prada's Spring 2011 Collection, which is on the 22nd (i.e today). She arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport yesterday (21/1/2011). 

Video of her checking-in at Korea's airport:
And she speaks! *Sigh* Her voice is lovely...

Her arrival at Beijing, and welcomed with a bouquet of red roses:

Giving out some autographs, I wanna:

Woweee this person Pschey must have taken hundreds of photos that day. Thank you and your Canon camera. 

And the video of her arrival in China (this vid's of poor quality though):

If you were wondering what was The Voice was speaking in Chinese, it's someone telling the crowd not to take the pictures with the camera's flash. Despite some people ignoring the request, in this regard I would have to say the Chinese are more thoughtful than their Korean counterparts. Compared to the video above, I thought HJW would go blind (but then again she must be used to it).

Oh, later on a Chinese fan shouted to HJW in Korean: "Unnie, you've worked hard!" And later on, someone said "Hwaiting!" Geh, so sweet. 

Watching this vid made me realize another thing. There is NO WAY I'll be able to take a picture under such intense pressure, Canon EOS 4500 or not.