Dec 11, 2010

Spoiler In Words For IADD Ep 6

Before watching this drama, I thought my fav character would be baddie played by Ha Ji Won's brother, Jun Tae Soo. Boy, I was so wrong. While I never hated his character in SKKS, I've come to dread his scenes here. 
Unlike In Soo who loved the girl, Jong Suk merely wants to possess her. You can tell, he's only going this far because his pride can't accept the fact the Chae Ryung is not least bit interested in him.

Spoiler In Words For Episode 6
As Ae Ryung's family members finds out her reason for marrying Jin Goo, they protested violently, but were unable to shake Ae Ryung's resolve. While Ai Ling works hard to pay off the interest from the loan sharks, Chae Ryung sets out to find someone who had borrowed money from Daddy Eun before.
Meanwhile, Jin Goo is estatic to find out that Ae Ryung has agreed to the marriage, and heads out to the room salons*(Room salons are upscale noraebangs; comes with female companions and not unlike Japan's host clubs). Dr. Hong hears about this (yay for more screen time!), and is extremely worried for Ae Ryung's future.
Mom thinks of ways to acquire cash, and takes the shareholder info from brother Man Soo, with the intention to invest all the money (this SO will not end well; NEVER ever invest money in a kdrama).

On the other hand, as the day of the wedding ceremony loomed near, an aggrieved Ae Ryung cries in front of Daddy Eun who lies in the hospital bed, but there was no way Daddy Eun would know what's in her daughter's heart. In the end, a wedding ceremony was to begin without Daddy Eun's presence. 
At this time Daddy Eun has just woke up from his slumber; he wants to go to the wedding but ends up crying in the arms of Hyuk Gi (who had came to the hospital to visit him).

Credits: Stills from Imzi @ soompi