Dec 2, 2010

More About The K-I-S-S...

I give my first on-screen (male) kiss to you...

LOOL! No matter how many times I look at these pics, it still tickles my funny bone. I thought we will be seeing more Ra Im X Oska romance. And I was right! That is, uh, "spiritually". 

High ratings acheiver Secret Garden has released stills of the two men (Hyun Bin and Yoon Sang Hyun) kissing today, netizens were curious and found it hilarious. It is reported that the two of them shooting attracted alot of onlookers, both of them also had to NG several times before they succeeded in filming the scene.
A crew member explained that the "kiss" happened because Oska's neck couldn't move and Ra Him helps him to relieve an itch (please bear in mind that this is Ra Im -The Female, as Joo Won wouldn't give a rat's ass about what happens to Oska's neck, or the whole of Oska for that matter). (Edited post-airing: These part is inaccurate, please ignore.)

In the midst of it, the two engage in some slapstick fight, Oska nearly slips but Ra Him manages to hold him up, and thus the accidental kiss happens.
Besides curious onlookers, they were fans of both Binnie and YSH who went there to cheer them on. And when it was known that it would be a kissing scene, the crowd went berserk and the crew had to settle them down before proceeding to film. And because this scene is a first for both of them, they had several NGs before an getting an OK. Immediately after the director yelled "CUT", both of them bounce back and started laughing.

Chloe Says: Meh. I can't believe it is one of those accidental k-kisses. Oh well, what else could it be, right? 

Credits: Stills from shirley@soompi, translation from chinese by hellochloe.