Dec 2, 2010

Jang Geun Seuk Cries For Real

In KBS 2TV's Mary Stayed Out All Night that broadcasted on November 30th, Jang's character proposes to break up with Mary shortly after he witnesses Mary and Jung In kissing. 

The Mu Gyul who would let anyone into his arms but not his heart, experiences real love for the first time (but of course he himself is oblivious to it) through Mary when he feels heartache and his mind in chaos over the matter. 
The original script only required him to look pained and give a sigh but Jang Geun Seuk took it up a notch with real tears instead. Now there's a real professional for you! *applause* 

Chloe Says: Me thinks he totally did that as to not lose to MGY (have you seen those teary eyes? How is it possible for a human being to hold so much tears without shedding it? Phenomenal!). 
I thank the dramalords everyday for the GeunGeun couple. If it weren't for them, this drama with a tepid storyline as its base would have collapsed faster than you can say Ma-ry. 

But somehow miraculously, they turned it into something that makes my heart warm and fuzzy. I root for them, I cheer for them, I worry for them...the two might be the best drama couple yet for 2010 (although I do think that Kim Jae Wook's kiss was hotter).