Dec 22, 2010

Fan Made Posters For The Duo

Who else is excited there's a sageuk featuring cutie pie man-boy CJM? I am! But not the sageuk part (it's been a million years since I've watched one), but for the CJM-in-sageuk-garb factor. I'm deliberating whether to put this on my radar...
But there's nothing like some eye candy pics to get you in the mood. Plus, although the plot sounds rather overused, actually I've NOT encountered any shows with a birth-switch before. Oh wait...does Autumn In My Heart count? 

Very professional looking *squeal* Lee Sang Yoon is in this too! I must at least make an effort to check out the first episode:

Evidence of PS is more visible in this one.

I always get excited when I see a script:

CJM on the November cover of Hello tv:

A so-close-you-can-see-his-pores shot (actually, I can't see it):

Via dc, cjhellovision