Dec 22, 2010

3 Location Spoilers Update

These are clearer shots from the scene I posted earlier today. Doesn't your heart shatter into a million pieces, watching them play merry-go-round? Ditto for beta couple, Seul and Oska. Their relationship is even more WTF since they are both from "good" families, nothing's stopping them from getting together accept for their pride. And cowardice.
1st Location: So based on yesterday's info and some additional info I got today, I'll just do a quickie recap of this scene:

Ra Im leaves the car park, turning her back to him and walks away in tears. Joo Won does not try to stop her; just looked on sadly at her parting figure.
The info above is compiled from dc, written by two people who were on-site and saw the whole scene. Please take note that they may have misinterpreted the scene.

Ra Im's neighbourhood at night:

2nd Location: Update on Hospital scene. Someone who saw them filming said Ra Im was wearing the bee hoodie. Thus speculation of her getting hurt at the Stunt Workshop.

3rd Location: Yoon Sang Hyun spotted filming at City Hall, Seoul.
Note: I did not to the heart shape thingy. It was already there.

Via dc, Baidu (chi trans)