Nov 27, 2010

A Transript: SG's Ep.5 Ext. Preview (Part II)

Oska: Do we have a reason to meet again?
   YS: Nope. That's why I had to create one.
Oska: Create?
   YS: What's up with that woman? The one with Joo Won?
Oska: Be careful with what you say, she's MY guest, not yours.
   YS: Liar! She's not your type.
Oska: That's none of your business* (not sure)

Oska: If you can't race...(According to the original poster, this part is not really audible but it's basically Oska wanting to dirt bike race with Joo Won). If you win, I'll move out. I've already asked around. Of course, I'll empty the house for you.
  JW: What exactly is it that you want? Making such a ruckus here.
Oska: Kim Joo Won!
  JW: Stop joking! 
Oska: I'm not joking! Why, because the stakes are high, you don't have confidence? (...and the race is on! Boys NEVER say no to a dare.)
Ra Im: Hold on, can I join too? I know a bit of dirt bike racing too.
Oska: Fine, let's go together then.
Oska: The first person who reaches the finishing line wins. 
    RI:  It's all a one-way paths here.
Oska: There're no roads leading back here, if you happen to ride to North Korea, there's no way you'd ever get out.
    RI: Are you implying that I'll get lost? (OH. So it happens here. This is DAH woods we have been waiting for!)
   JW: I was afraid you might say that. Can you really go?
    RI: What if I said I can't? Are you piggybacking me?
   JW: I'll princess carry you. (this is a tantamount to a declaration of love by Joo Won. Princess Carry is the highest level a k-man can bestow on his girl, peeps! A WHOLE new level from piggybacking. Do you get how important this moment is now? Must jot this down somewhere.) 
Oska: Starting now, all ready for it? [Signpost says: The Path To The Coast]
   JW: Yeah, we heard that just now.
Oska: Ra Im, Ra Im, please reply, over!
Oska: What do we do now? What should we do?
   JW: Gil Ra Im...
[What happened was the boys were racing neck and neck; bumped into the sign and made it point to the opposite direction.  As a result, Ra Im who was following close behind went to the wrong lane]
Chloe Says: Joo Won boy it's your cue to go to her! It's your chance to redeem yourself for being such a prick in the previous episode. Show me what you can do, binnie... 

Credits: Chinese transcript and pics via Baidu, translated into english by yours truly.