Nov 23, 2010

TFW BTS: Funny scenes from Episode 1

Don't worry, I'm gonna keep stuffing you with these too-cute-for-words clips until you're too full to protest about James's character in the drama. 
I've always thought of myself as more of a cat person, but how CUTE is the fat cat? Doesn't it remind you of the one sitting on Yoo Ah In's shoulder?

No, James is not referring to himself. He's joking about how the actor who plays Hao Kang De (his bro-in-law in the series) is acting as himself (i.e. a playboy). And he refers to Amanda Zhu as his "outside wife". HAHAHA. Not funny.

LOL Serves you right! A frustrated James has to do push-ups again after he messed up his lines. 

Part I & II of the BTS: