Nov 26, 2010

Rain's Tango Partner is Daniel H.

*poof* The sound you barely heard just now is just me having a simultaneous combustion and evaporate into the air. Handsome, meet cute. hellochloe's thoughts are going wild again and I'm all fired up to do a fanfic. 

Scenario: Kai, who couldn't deny his love for Ji Woo, dumped Jini and runaways (pun!) with his detective lover. Oooh~ I like where this is going. It suits the whole fugitive theme ;D

But onscreen, things are not all lovey dovey for the boys. They give each other intense (and delicious) death glares and it's the battle of the dudes. With 3 episodes to go, you can expect tensions between the two to run an all-time high. Love triangles are about dick waving after all. 

Although they're Best Enemies in the drama, turns out it's really quite the opposite off-screen. For the drama's photoshoot, they seem closer than anyone else on the set, and also joked non-stop.

Chloe Says: Lee Jung Jin at the background is looking good too. But his policewoman girlfriend's dress is a pink wreck (to me at least). And why is his suit half off?

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