Nov 29, 2010

Jang Geun Seuk Debuts With New Hair Tonight

But that ain't meaning we'll get to see it. If it followed the manhwa, that is. Originally in the manhwa, the scene of Mu Gyul cutting his hair was never shown. It was only when daddy was chasing after Mu Gyul and pulled his long hair (hilarious scene by the way), only to find out it was a wig (but his hair was never that short, it's still abit long-ish).

Ever since JGS debuted with his wavy locks, it has been the centre of attention (not to mention a fav topic for bloggers to snark on). But it's all part of Mu Gyul's image, the indie free-spirited rocker. Not only his hair, but right down to the tiny (and large) accessories as well.

In Episode 6 broadcasting on the 29th, Mu Gyul shows daddy how much he loves Mary by cutting his long locks. 

Chloe Says: Don't worry I was just teasing you at the beginning. We will get to see it after he signs the recording contract with Jung In, in a opening ceremony for the drama Wonderful Life (hah. I love a drama-within-a-drama stories).

Posting his new look here, like y'all haven't seen it already:

Via TVDaily