Nov 20, 2010

Gui Gui as a highschool student in 17teens

The upcoming twdrama series 17teens stars Yang Jun Wen, Gui Gui, Lee Wei and Xiao Han. Details of the drama's plot are unknown. But from what I could tell, it's an idol drama about a bunch of 17 year old highschool kids. It sounds uninteresting already, and if it's anything like Ying Ye 3+1...well, let's not go there.

In 17teens, Gui Gui plays a high school student

Negativity aside, let me tell you what I'm interested in: Gui Gui. I'm really really curious about this girl. For one, her fandom. Gui Gui is one of the stars that has the most loyal fans around. Therefore she must be really good (in acting) right? Reason no.2: When one mentions Gui Gui, for some reason Aaron Yan's name MUST pop up. It's like the law or something.

Guo Yiting (the one on the left) plays a high school teacher.

I'll admit, I'm bias towards her acting ability. It looks like she's loved for her real-life persona rather than her acting chops. But what do I know, I haven't seen any of her works before. So I'll catch this to see whether I'll be proven wrong. I choose to remain skeptical for now, however.

Also, how awesome is the fact that Yang Jun Wen is from my country? Make us proud, boy! In the drama, he's the rebellious Student Council President who bullies Teacher Li Wei in his past time. He will also be Gui Gui's love interest.

More teachers:

It's Li Wei by the way, in case you couldn't recognize him.

Li Wei as a cowboy (!)

Li Wei the normal version. Whew!

Via Baidu Info Bar