Nov 25, 2010

2AM's 3D Movie Concert Premiers

Err...Usually I don't do kpop news, but I'm trying my best to get educated on the topic (it will sure come in handy, with so many idols crossing into dramas nowadays). 
Gee, it must be weird to see yourself in 3D

Nevertheless, I find the idea of filming a concert AND turning it into a 3D movie very intriguing, I wonder if it's a novel idea or a common thing in Korea? I myself have not heard of such a thing before. 

From the fans' perspective, I guess it must be nice to see their idols up close. Like real close. The so-close-you-can-touch-'em experience. Imagine: Sweaty idols right in front of your eyes. 
Must be an orgasmic experience for them.

Oh! I recognize that dude (far right)! Wasn't he in Personal Taste?

The premier was held at 8 o'clock on the 23rd of November. 
"2AM SHOW" is directed by Jung Seongbok and produced by 
SK Telecom. The movie is due to be released in cinemas on the 
9th of December.

Via Chosun IIbo